What is the Internet of Things (IoT) with Examples

IoT: Advantages & Disadvantages of the Internet of Things

Entering the digital era, the concept of the Internet of Things or IoT is increasingly being discussed. Because the existence of IoT helps make our work easier.

There are even some of us who have felt the benefits in everyday life. The existence of IoT is to help simplify our daily work, especially for those of you who are struggling in the digital industry, the presence of IoT has become a necessity.

what is Internet of Things (IoT) with Example
what is the Internet of Things (IoT) with Example

IoT also greatly affects our daily lifestyle. The simplest example is the use of smartphones. The basic function of a smartphone is to make calls and send messages. But along with the development of technology, smartphones have wider functions, ranging from playing games, listening to music, reading digital books, watching movies, making digital payments, and much more.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things is a concept of digitizing certain objects so that they can be connected to a network. So simply like this, modern technological things that are around us can be connected to the internet. 

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly thanks to the support of other technologies, such as wireless technology, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and of course the internet network itself.

The concept of the Internet of Things is quite simple, but it is much more modern when compared to previous technologies. Even IoT is also widely applied in various sectors, ranging from offices, industry, hotels, apartments, agriculture, transportation, medical, environmental, and energy to residential homes. 

Of course, the Internet of Things concept would be suitable to be applied, considering that currently, the use of the internet has been very massive.

Benefits / Advantages of the Internet of Things

It is undeniable that nowadays we need technology and the internet to help make our daily work easier. We are also dependent on technology and the internet, from waking up to going back to sleep. So the solution that is considered appropriate is to take advantage of the existence of the Internet of Things. 

Then, what are the benefits of IoT for our lives? Here are the points:

Maintain time efficiency

IoT that is implemented properly, can help maintain time efficiency very well. It doesn't take us too long to complete the same task when leveraging IoT. In contrast, if many tasks are done manually, the time required is also longer.

Simpler connectivity

There is no need to use many devices to operate various modern electronic equipment, with IoT, everything can be controlled through one device, such as a smartphone.

Life is so much easier

High routine, causes some people to want to be practical, fast, and easy. To make this happen, of course, we need the support of modern electronic equipment. What else if not relying on IoT. By leveraging IoT, you can control modern equipment more easily.

Disadvantages of IoT

Although IoT can provide many benefits for human life, on the other hand, IoT is also considered to have many significant challenges, so it becomes a deficiency or problem for IoT itself. Here are some of the problems that are often found:


IoT communication relies heavily on network or internet connections. This of course will open a security gap for every user, who might be attacked by viruses, malware, and the like. This bad possibility can happen, so better security measures are needed.


To be able to connect to a network or connectivity, the user must enter some personal data, it can be an email, a password, a phone number, a home address, and the like. This is very vulnerable to hacking by hackers. 


IoT is considered to be very helpful in facilitating human life. But on the other hand, the IoT system turns out to have a fairly high level of complexity, starting from the installation process, design, and network deployment to maintenance. 


For the IoT system to be well integrated, users must pay some costs. The amount of costs required depends on how large the scale of the IoT network is needed. The cost of installing IoT in residential homes is certainly different from IoT on an industrial scale.

Examples of IoT Usage

Unconsciously, you may have used IoT a lot in your daily life. For example, when you buy food and pay using a digital wallet via a smartphone. This is part of the IoT. In addition to the small examples above, there are still many examples of devices that use the IoT concept, including:

Smart home 

Without us realizing it, the concept of a smart home or smart living is part of IoT. Without IoT technology, modern electronic equipment, such as IP Cameras, Smart Lock, Smart windows, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, Smart LED strips, Smart TVs, IR Remote, Smart Lamp, and the like, will not be able to be used. 


The development of technology carried by smartphones is increasingly showing significant progress. Just imagine, just by using a smartphone, you can already pay digital payments or turn your smartphone into a Smart Remote. aaaaaa


In the digital era like today, the function of a smartwatch is not only as a support for exercising. However, its functions are very diverse, ranging from being able to play music, a fitness tracker, navigation (GPS), connecting to a smartphone, monitoring health, and so on.

Automatic Car Tracking Adapter

IoT can also be applied in the world of transportation, for example, the ability to track complete information about the car you have. With the Automatic Car Tracking Adapter, you will get several benefits, ranging from tracking mileage, knowing a location, fuel efficiency, knowing the number of fuel costs, and so on.


It seems almost impossible if we can be separated from technology and the internet. We just need to adapt to the existing technology, so that we can make good use of it. The presence of IoT will make various aspects of human life easier. With a note, we use it appropriately and wisely.

Thus the article that we can share about what the Internet of Things is. Hopefully, it can add new insights, especially for those of you who don't know the ins and outs of IoT.

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