Can You Start A Blog On WordPress For Free?

How to start a blog on WordPress

While starting a blog is not as easy as coming up with an idea and buying a website, there are ways to get started.

The first step is to come up with a topic you would like to discuss regarding your blog. Whether you have a topic you want to talk about or someone else has it set out for you, this will help get your thoughts in order.

Next, find places where people can listen and input their ideas. These could be social forums, chat rooms, memes, etc. Look into possible topics that others may want to read more about.

Put yourself out there by sharing your posts online and seeing how they grab attention. Chances are, those who visit your site feel strongly about something too.

Try writing a piece here and there on your own site based on a topic you’re passionate about. Before you know it, people will be asking if they can use your site!

How to Start A Blog On WordPress For Free
How to Start A Blog On WordPress For Free

Find a niche

Once you’ve signed up to create an account, launch google chrome (the developer's web browser) and type in “”.

When you get to the WordPress site run by Google, click on the red button that says free signup.

You will then have to fill out a short form about your topic and use another URL to register your domain name.

Once you do this, you can start setting up your blog using your unique id, password, mailing address, etc. All of these steps are performed through the wp dashboard, which is downloaded from their website.

The only thing extra added to this process is a small icon next to the login info that allows you to make calls and send texts. These are provided by WhatsApp via text message. I still recommend signing up with three different email addresses so you can stay organized.

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Design a logo

Looking to get your blog up and running but don’t want to spend money on a design theme? Then you can use this free, simple design tool from WordPress.

Click here to download a printable template.

Choose a name

If you’re not sure about having your own blog or are looking into it as a way to share stories with friends

There’s a first step that most people miss when they start a new blog. It is so easy, yet so important. The first step is choosing a blog name.

I remember being very frustrated at first because I didn’t know how to make my old blog name work. There were many days when I tried different ways of doing it.

In addition to trying to use the proper spelling, correct words/terms can be difficult. And if you’re in a rush, it can get frustrating quickly.

That’s why I created On this website, you can find an original story plus written directions that will help you create the name of your story.

Create your account

Open a web browser, and visit the Blog page

Click “ sign up now” to get started with an online database containing all the personal information you need to start a blog.

You will also be provided with some free website templates and an introduction to blogging via email lessons. All in all, this is about the only place you can go to find everything you need to begin creating content on your blog.

Add your website

By providing all of the above, you will be able to keep updating your article even if it is not approved within 30 days. That way no one can edit it but you.

You will also have access to many other tools to keep yourself organized as well as others. It’s important to note that while some of these places offer free postings, you must pay to post an ongoing status.

Some good resources for learning how to start a blog include blogs. Org,, and These are fantastic websites with articles online about blogging.

Add your content

Can you start a blog on WordPress for free?

Sure, you can start a free website using WordPress. But if you want to use this platform to its full potential, you’ll need to pay $6/month.

But there are other options!

You can find blogging platforms that are free but have additional tools and functions. These include things like super-easy online forms or integrated events calendars.

Or you can try one of many self-hosted solutions. There are hundreds of them, and they all offer different features at varying prices.

Promote your blog

Even if you are not monetizing your own content, hundreds of free plug-ins add advertising systems to your blogs. Check out our list of the best blogging plug-ins to start attracting visitors to your site.

If you want to compete with big companies that spend millions on marketing, try putting up ads on your website or performing some basic online searches to promote your business.

You can also consider giving people behind-the-scenes access to what it takes to get clients and use their skills to promote your business. Or you can go one step further and offer training videos and other knowledge streams so more people can find ways to apply themselves to your business.

Put yourself out there and produce quality work! People will begin to recognize you and your brand.

Add sponsors

If you have a dedicated blogging account, then you can use their template and design to create your own blog. However, if you are looking for a way to make money through your blog, you should consider signing up with a sponsoring agency.

Many offer sponsoring contracts. Before you sign one of these contracts, understand what they include, and don’t be surprised by anything.

The contract will also require you to provide detailed information about your sponsorship package or level of engagement. This helps them get access to your marketing materials and efforts so they can best pitch their products and services to reach the most potential customers.

You should know before you start as well as how much time and resources it is going to take to work with any given company or individual. It's just like hiring anyone else! No sense in taking on someone who isn't completing the job.

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To help offset the costs, several platforms that facilitate contracting (such as UpWork) also allow you to find suppliers and clients directly from the site.

These are great ways to connect with others seeking solutions that involve budgeting and financing. Businesses generally love finding other businesses that represent better than average quality.

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